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Welcome to the first international edition of the Neuromania Conference.

Have you ever wondered what visual imagery is? We did, it seems that the capacity to imagine varies greatly between individuals (Crawford WInlove). But wait... What about imagining in different modalities? How do blind people imagine? How do blind people think abstractly? (Roberto Bottini)

Speaking of which, what actually might “thinking” be? Evidence suggest that the structure of the semantic representation is spatial (geometrical) (Peter Gärdenfors). Furthermore, the research on the attentional mechanisms also point to the spatial, supramodal representation of space (Rob van der Lubbe). Recently, it has been proposed that the grid cells system in entorhinal cortex can serve a role of navigating through the cognitive spaces (Jacob Bellmund).

Taken together, these seemingly unconnected ideas start to work together, bringing us to a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying higher cognitive skills. At the conference we are going to explore these topics and get a better grip on the complex relationships between imagination, abstract thinking and spatial cognition.

Each of the mentioned specialists will give a lecture related to his field of expertise and in the first day’s afternoon we will have an open debate moderated by another expert in the field (Rafał Czajkowski).

At this conference we ask big questions and look for the answers with experts from different fields. Why? Cause we're curious and truly interdisciplinary!

On behalf of organising committee,

Olgierd Borowiecki


Peter Gärdenfors
(Lund University)

Jacob Bellmund (Max Planck Institute in Leipzig )

Roberto Bottini
(Università di Trento)

Rafał Czajkowski
(Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology)

Crawford Winlove
(University of Exeter Medical School)

Rob van der Lubbe
(University of Twente)





Abstracts should be written in English and have approximately 300 words for a poster session and around 500 words for an oral presentation (bibliography excl.). Submission should ideally refer to spatial cognition, abstract thinking or self-location in space; however, we are open to interdisciplinary innovative research. We kindly invite students from cognitive science, psychology, sociology, linguistics, computer science, philosophy and all the related fields to participate actively. Note that the event will be held fully in English.

Deadline for spoken presentation - 09.06.2019

Deadline for poster presentation - 18.08.2019

Confirmation of acceptance - 16.06.2019

Deadline for passive participants - 18.08.2019

Registration fee for active and passive participants (covers two meals, coffee breaks and conference materials):

I deadline - before 01.07.2019 - 125 PLN (30 EUR)

II deadline - before 20.07.2019 - 145 PLN (35 EUR)

III deadline - before 25.08.2019 - 165 PLN (40 EUR)

Registration form: https://forms.gle/DvYJauPrpUVAJdSs9

The payment should be sent to the following bank account:

Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika, Toruń
Bank Millennium S.A. Warszawa
45 1160 2202 0000 0000 3174 8579
IBAN: PL45 1160 2202 0000 0000 3174 8579

For the title of your payment please use:
Your name and surname + "Neuromania VII"

We kindly ask you to send a payment confirmation in a pdf format to our e-mail address.


If you have any questions contact us: neuromaniatorun@gmail.com

You can also find the event on Facebook and Twitter !


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