Previous Editions Neuromania

Neuromania VI - 02-03.06.2018

At the beginning of June 2018 the sixth edition of Neuromania conference took place. During the conference we could hear twenty-two lectures, participate in three workshops and watch a display created by Elmiko Business. The conference was crowned by four expert lectures.

prof Marek Harad - Neuromodulation in neurological and psychic diseases

dr Agnieszka Pluta - Neurocognitive mechanisms of the theory of mind development in children who develop typically, ones with higher risk of autism spectrum disorder and deaf ones using a cochlear implants. The studies with the use of neuro

prof Michał Harciarek - What does primary progressive aphasia tell us about the brain organisation of language processes?

Maria Barcikowska MD Mild cognitive disorders - conversion to dementia

Neuromania V - 27-28.05.2017

During the fifth edition of the Neuromania conference we had a chance to hear twenty lectures distributed among six thematic sessions: EEG, cognitive processes I, resonance session, cognitive disorders, cognitive processes II, and VR session. Also, two poster sessions and VR technology application workshops for volunteers took place.

dr Szymon Wichary - Neurophysiological mechanisms of decision making

dr Tomasz Wolak - Mapping the senses - how the brain processes the sensory information

prof Maria Lewicka - The place as an object of esthetic judgement: About environmental esthetics, place and non-place genius loci

Neuromania IV - 28-29.05.2016

The fourth edition of Neuromania conference consisted of seven thematic blocks. These were: psychology, mathematics, language, memory, neurobiology, EEG, and MRI. During these blocks, we could hear lectures from twenty-four participants. Thirty-three scientific posters were presented. 2016 is the year, when official VR section of Toruń Cognitive Science Club was created. Back then, it was called VRlab. Thanks to VRlab, for the first time in the history of Neuromania conference, participants could take part in VR/AR workshops, during which they had access to the newest technology.

dr Anna Szymanik-Kostrzewska - Are we all Capricorns? The psychology students’ faith in Zodiac signs meaning

prof Grzegorz Króliczak - Hemisphere dominance and handedness and brain function organization: myths in confrontation

Małgorzeata Neska-Matuszewska, MD, Michał , MD - An insight into cerebral microcirculation functioning - pathology imaging in magnetic resonance perfusion

Anna Zacharzewska-Gondek, MD Human cerebrum in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy - from physiology to pathology

Neuromania III - 30-31.05.2015

During the two days of the third edition of Neuromania conference we heard over twenty lectures, including the ones from dr Rafał Czajkowski, dr Ewa Kublik, dr Marek Binder and professor Marcin Miłkowski. The subject of the meetings was very broad - from the role of individual receptors in modulation of neurons’ activity, through eating disorders, all the way to neural coding of the spatial location in the brain. During the poster session, participants themselves could present their research and interests. For volunteers, there were also workshops dedicated to technologies such as Oculus Rift, EGI system or 3D printing.

dr Rafał Czajkowski - Spatial location system in the brain - The first neural code deciphered

prof Marcin Miłkowski - Blue Brain and Human Brain Project: Bottom-up modeling in computational neuroscience

dr Marek Binder - The proof of being conscious - Current studies on the examination of the state of patients after severe brain damage.

dr Paweł Stróżak - Brain mechanisms of remembering and recognition

Neuromania II - 30.05-

EEG and eye-tracking workshops, run by cognitive science students in the Interdisciplinary Centre for Modern Technology, were the foretaste of the second Neuromania conference. Biofeedback performative action crowned the workshop series. The second Neuromania conference also consisted of six thematic blocks. Each of them was being opened with a lecture given by an expert in a given field. During the second edition two poster sessions took place, one each day.

Neurobiology - dr Ksenia Meyza Autism Spectrum Disorders in mice - Methods of research

Neuroinformatics - prof Piotr Durka The future is now, just unevenly distributed: brain-computer interface and assistant technologies.

Neurophilosophy - dr Mateusz Hohoł Naturalizing morality: perspectives and frontiers

Neuroesthetics - prof Małgorzata Tafil-Klawe The need to create: How the writer’s or painter’s brain works

Neuropsychology - dr Anna Oroń On the newest theories regarding speech and language neuroanatomy in normal functioning and pathology

Developmental neuroscience - dr Bibianna Bałaj Through the eyes of a child. Oculographic research of infants’ cognitive processes

The closing lecture - dr Przemysław Tomalski What do infants know about human speech?

Neuromania I - 25-26.05.2013

The first edition of NeuroMania lasted two days. It included a poster session, undergraduate and graduate students’ presentations as well as inaugural lectures given by researchers from the fields enumerated below:

Neurophilosophy - prof. Andrzej Klawiter Consciousness - its object and functions

Neurobiology - Piotr Złomańczuk Why is it that neurobiology is the queen of cognitive sciences?

Neuroinformatics - prof Włodzisław Duch Memes in the brains

Neuroanthropology - dr Tomasz Kozłowski

Neuropsychology - dr Aneta Szymaszek New Horizons in neurohabilitation: The role of breakthrough discoveries in brain research