Professor Irene Pepperberg is a Research Associate and lecturer at Harvard University, where she received her degree in Chemical Physics back in 1976. She is a pioneer in investigating animal cognition, particularly in relation to parrots. At the Conference, professor Pepperberg will give a lecture entitled: “Cognitive and Communicative Abilities of Grey Parrots”.

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Julian Kiverstein is a philosopher of mind, currently working as an Assistant Professor of Neurophilosophy at the University of Amsterdam. His interests include many domains of cognitive science, such as phenomenology, social cognition, language, embodied cognition, consciousness, free will and perception of time. As rich as Professor Kiverstein's interests are, he contributes to these rapidly growing fields of study by being an editor for journals: Phenomenology of the Cognitive Sciences and the Journal of Consciousness Studies, by teaching at the Edinburgh University and directing or co-directing many international and cross-disciplinary scientific and philosophical projects in cognitive science. Right now, Professor Kiverstein is writing his monograph The Significance of Phenomenology. He states his main area of focus as "developing phenomenologically informed answers to a number of questions in cognitive science.






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