Neuromania Conference 2020

Welcome to the second international edition of the Neuromania Conference. The event will take place on 3-4.06.2020 in Toruń, Poland.

Last year we focused on spatial cognition and abstract thinking, with special emphasis on the role of hippocampus. You can find some of the

lectures from the previous edition on our YouTube Channel.


This year, we focus on dichotomies. Computationally, how actions are automatised within model-free and model-based controllers? Conceptually,

what does the division for procedural and associative memory imply? Philosophically, is enactive or representational interpretation of the free|

energy principle better suited for describing cognition?

As always, we ask big questions and look for the answers with experts from different fields. Why? Cause we're curious and truly interdisciplinary!


On behalf of our organising committee,

Olgierd Borowiecki



Meanwhile, check how it worked last year:




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Konferencja w Toruniu