Registration for the conference is possible after creating an account in the conference system.

Participation fee for passive and active participants is 200 PLN (50 EUR) with a deadline by 20.04.2020

Simultaneously we announce 20 small grants for undergraduate students wishing to participate in the event. Each grant reduces the conference fee to 45 PLN / 10 EUR. To apply for the grant please register to the Conference and send your motivation letter in a separate e-mail to:

Abstracts should be written in English and have approximately 300 words for a poster session and around 500 words for an oral presentation (bibliography excl.). Submission should ideally refer to the topic of the Conference; however, we are open to interdisciplinary innovative research. We kindly invite students from cognitive science, psychology, sociology, linguistics, computer science, philosophy and all the related fields to participate actively. Note that the event will be held fully in English.


There are 20 grants available. Each of them reduces the application fee to 45 PLN/10 EUR. The grants will be awarded based on the application - a cover letter sent to our email address.


Examples of topics:

- Model-free and model-based reinforcement learning

- Ecological-enactive cognition

- Representations

- Procedural memory

- Associative memory

- Interpretations of the free energy principle

- Sequential learning

- Embodiment

- Affordances

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